Download Songs

Song is single work of music sung by human voice with mixture of music instruments. It is mixture of variety of forms, silence & repeated words. There is various music tunes are used for complete tracks. For makingtrack, firstly a person writes the wording of track is called lyrics. Person who writes the lyrics is called lyrist. Lyrist shows his emotion & thinking in the lyrics and gives the written words to the person who will sing. The person who sings is called singer. Singer takes the help of the composer and musician who helps in make the way to sing track. Musician gives music on the guideline of composer. Singer after completing composition and music sing with its professionalism. When singer sung on exiting poems is called art albums. If all the process is done by professional persons mean perfect singer, lyrist & composer, tracks become popular and give name and fame to the singer.

Today era is era of internet and technology. Everybody spent his more working time on internet. People prefer internet for working during business, sending e-mails, chats, video conferencing, listening music from khatrimaza, download files etc. If they feel bore, use internet for playing games, can download movies at any time. Now days, every information is available over internet. When we feel tired, prefer listen songs. Listening music is hobby of every person mainly of youngsters. While travelling, studying, cooking on every activity, we use to listen songs. Over internet, we can download every track of any singer without any cost. Google is global search engine which helps in find out any track of any singer at any time. When singer sung, he upload track on internet by making request to website owner and user can download file with own choice. Website developer upload file with various sizes like 48kbps, 128 kbps, 320 kbps.

Downloading Music is the digital transfer of files over internet into electronics device. Devices may be computer, mobile phones, mp3 mp4 player etc. there many online stores which provide downloading option to the users such as iTunes store, e-store, Google play etc.

How we can download songs

There are different ways for downloading songs on their devices such as: –

Multi media

  1. On PC: – PC stands for personal computer. We can download tracks on their computer with many options.
  2. With Window Function: – User can download song on Pc with the help of mouse & window function. The file which we want to download put the cursor on it and press right click of mouse. There will open a dialog box. Select the option named save link as on it. The file will download in our devices from the internet.
  3. Internet Download Manager: – There is application software named as Internet Download Manager which helps us to download file in the Computer. The main feature app is download file by pressing on the name of file. But it is paid software. Some developers develop crack version of it.
  4. All Video Downloader: – this application is mainly used for download videos from various sources from which we cannot download directly. User enters the URL of video which he wants to save. This software automatically process and show various format for download files such as Mp4, HD, HQ, 3GP, MKV, AVI etc.
  5. Accelerator Plus: – It is application software for Pc which is similar to Internet Download Manager. It helps in download mp3 & video files on Pc. It is free version so we can easily use it. We can attach extension on our browser so it works automatically by browser.
  6. ON Mobile Phones: —


  1. UC Browser: -UC is the browsing application which helps the user to access internet as well as download any content. It is universal application because it also provides guidance to user about access websites. It gives advertisement of websites such song download sites, news related, product related etc.
  2. I download App: – It is android app which is used in android mobile phones for download any file in the phones. It is small app easy to carry in phones.
  3. Download File: – It is file manager application which helps in access internet and download files which required by users.

Online Download Store

Online download store is an online business which sells the files over internet. It provides service to registered users only. The user paid first to the store then he can download file from it. Store has legal right from the owner of file then upload it store for user. These stores provide original file to the user because user has trust on it so that they paying to them. Store shows only pictures of songs and albums to consumers. When consumer place order then full file shown to them. Some Music stores sell recorded speech files such as video files.